Completion Code

Hi all! My study that is being run says that the completion code that all my participants have been entering does not match my study’s completion code. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thank you!!!

Dear Sarah

Welcome to the forum m(._.)m

I have given a study load of participants the wrong completion code.
It happened when I copied a study manually (perhaps because it
was gender balanced in the days when gender balanced studies
could not be copied using the “Copy study” option from the Action
menu) but did not update the completion code to match that stipulated by Prolific, in the final page of my survey site (I use google forms).

If the codes are all over the place then non prolific users may be fabricating codes but if they are all giving the same wrong code
then I think that will be be cause you have given them the same
wrong code in your final page of your study (please copy this code
or please click this click) which does not match the code in your
study settings. I am sorry if this is not the case, and in fact it was caused by some strange Prolific bug.

However, the fact that the participants all received the code from the previous study did not matter for me. I don’t think it will matter for you. Just proceed as if they have given the correct code, but keep an eye out for variations (for people who are just making codes up).

I fixed the issue part way through my study by changing the final page of “please clink this URL” to the right URL but the fact that half the participants had the wrong (previous study’s) URL and half had the correct one did not seem to make a diference.

Does that make sense?