Completed studies being held hostage by participants

A great feature of Prolific is being able to instantly prevent participants from past completed studies to be eligible for continued studies.

However, this doesn’t work when participants stop a survey early and submit anyways, or fail comprehension checks (following Prolific guidelines) but then ignore the request to return the survey and submit anyways.

As a result, these participants show up with NOCODE, and Prolific asks that we wait 7 days for them to return. Because of this, it is not possible to run further sessions (excluding these participants) without manually creating a new blocklist which is tedious (I have another post about this).

My recommendations

  1. Once I click “request return” for all participants the study is marked as complete. After 7 days, these can be returned automatically or rejected, if there is no response from the participant.
  2. Add an option in request return for the reason “failed comprehension check”.