Community Highlights of the Week - May 14th

Hey Profs, it’s Friday! :sunny:

Every week, we’ll be summing up the community highlights of the week. And if there’s a community member who catches our eye, we’ll make them the Member of the Week.

Community Leaders

  • Our Community Leaders have been doing a great job answering your questions this week! Remember, if you ever need help, you can reach me or our leaders using :arrow_right: @Community_Leaders

Highlights of the Week

Another lively week! :tada: Glad to see more and more of you finding our community valuable. Here are some of the best bits:

  • This week’s #TipTuesday outlined how you can minimize the dropout rate for your longitudinal studies

  • Our team leaders are still taking your input on new features we’re building for the platform. Give your feedback on everything from new financial tools to making collaboration on Prolific much easier. We’ve already had some great suggestions, so add yours!

  • We’re nearly at 400 members! If you know anyone that might find the forum useful - send them our way, and put us over the top :arrow_upper_right:

  • We’ve had two entries into our £10,000 Research Grant Competition ! @FelipeAffonso & @emcresearch3000 have submitted some really fascinating proposals. Check them out & vote for your fave :ballot_box:

  • Since it’s Mental Health Awareness Week, we want to know how you’re doing :heart:

That’s all Profs. Wishing you a restful weekend!