Community Highlights of the Week - March 5th

Every Friday, we’ll be summing up the community highlights of the week! And if there’s a community member who catches our eye, we’ll make them the Member of the Week.

Member of the Week

:sparkles:Our Member of the Week is @cosanlab for asking a great question about the best time to publish their studies, and for getting involved in our latest special event.

As a thank you, we’d like to award you with £50 in Prolific credit. DM me to claim it :slightly_smiling_face:

Highlights of the Week

  • We launched #TipTuesdays, where we’ll be giving tips on how to optimize the way you use Prolific. This week we discussed the best times to publish your study!

  • @cosanlab asked about the busiest times on the platform for participant and researcher activity, so they could release their studies at optimal times.

  • @timtak treated us to another great idea about new payment methods and enabling researchers to recruit their own samples

  • @Andrew_Gordon hosted a webinar on how you can optimise your data collection on Prolific!

Have an amazing weekend everyone!


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