Community Highlights of the Week - March 26th

Hey Prolifics, hope your week has been good!

Every Friday, we’ll be summing up the community highlights of the week. And if there’s a community member who catches our eye, we’ll make them the Member of the Week.

Member of the Week

We haven’t had a member of the week for a while now, so this week we’re getting two!

Our first one is @Joe_Bathelt for providing me with some great feedback on how we can build our community in a way that benefits you all the most!

And our second is @Jet_Klokgieters for a lovely introduction and movie recommendation. :film_strip:

DM me to claim your £50 Prolific credit reward :slight_smile:

Highlights of the Week

There’s been a veritable flurry of activity this week :tada:

  • We kicked off our referral competition! You can win £100s in Prolific credits for getting your colleagues onto the forum. Read more about it here.

  • For #TipTuesdays, I showed you how can deal with participants who might try to game the system. I’d also love to know if you would like tips in any particular area. If you have any ideas, leave a comment :speech_balloon:

  • #FundingThursday continued with funding sources for mental health, sociological, psychological and legal research :balance_scale:

  • We’ve had 22 new people join our community this week! When you can, come say hi to your fellow Prolifics :wave:

  • @Paul_Bremner gave us some helpful ideas about how we can improve our filter functionality. If you’ve got any ideas about how we can improve our platform, pop them here.

  • @s_ball asked a really interesting question about how he could randomise participants into experimental groups using their Prolific IDs

That’s all folks. Have an amazing weekend! :sunny: