Community Highlights of the Week - March 19th

Every Friday, we’ll be summing up the community highlights of the week! And if there’s a community member who catches our eye, we’ll make them the Member of the Week.

Highlights of the Week

  • #TipTuesdays continues! Every Tuesday, we’ll be giving tips on how to optimize the way you use Prolific. This week we talked about how you can re-verify your participants’ demographic info using a couple of simple tricks
  • @Justin_Schupp asked a great question about ways to collaborate on paying for a study
  • We’d also love to hear about research you’ve done! Give us a brief summary here :books:
  • Our #FundingThursdays post has a list of research funding opportunities for you to check out!
  • As always, if you haven’t already, come say hi to the community

Have a fab weekend! :sunny: