Community Highlights of the Week - June 18th

Every week, we’ll be summing up the community highlights of the week. And if there’s a community member who catches our eye, we’ll make them the Member of the Week.

Hey Prolifolks,

It’s that time of the week again!

Member of the Week

This week it’s @Yuki_Takahashi for providing a great community resource for finding funding :money_mouth_face:

DM me to claim your £50 Prolific credit prize :money_with_wings:

Community Leaders

Our Community Leaders have been doing an amazing job answering your questions this week! Remember, if you ever need help, you can reach me or our leaders using @Community_Leaders

Highlights of the Week

Welcome to all of our new Prolifolks! We’re still on track to hit 1,000 members by the end of the month :astonished:.

Here are some of the best bits from this week:

That’s all Prolifolks. Wishing you a fantastic weekend!

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