Changing some details of active studies

I just created a study and before allowing participants of all ages to access the study I allowed those over 30 to participate in the hope that I would get more diligent participants who may be more likely to give feedback. This was probably ageist of me but I would like to change the age range and invite more participants but it seems nothing can be changed.

I am of the opinion that it should be okay to change some of the study details but perhaps I am not understanding the reasons why this is not the case. Or perhaps the details are editable but I am not seeing how.

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Hey Tim,

Great question. Sorry that this process is not clear! We don’t allow changes for live studies as it may result in participants being booted from studies that they were eligible for at the time of clicking, among other reasons.

In order to update the eligibility on a study, we normally recommend that you close your current version of the study and review any existing submissions if possible. You can do this by selecting ‘Stop’ from the Action menu, and the study status will change to ‘Completed’ once all submissions have been reviewed.

Then, you can duplicate this study and update the details as required. When you duplicate a completed study, a ‘Previous Studies’ screener will be applied to the new one automatically to exclude the previous participants.

You can then publish the new study once you are happy with the amendments.

hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks very much. I did clone but I did not see the “previous studies” screener, far less that it is applied automatically (i copied the previous participants into a black list ^^ which I now know was unecessary). Great. With that I will be able to make changes in no time.

Perhaps changes might be allowable when all places have been used up and submitted.


Hello Josh,
I have a similar issue. I published a study and realised I didn’t save the right screening criteria. I would like to change it but now it seems not possible.

By stopping the study, can I publish it again with the right correction? Do I get the money back in the finance? Also the service fee percentage?
(Still no participant has signed up to complete the study)

Thank you in advance for your help!

Dear Altea

Josh has moved on I am afraid, but he still appears well on his Linkedin page.

We are only charged per participant so if you stop the study prior to there being any participants you won’t be charged anything.

We can’t change active studies nor change stopped studies and relaunch them, but you can copy the study change it and launch the changed copy.


Thank you very much Tim for your answer!

I will do as you suggested.

Thanks again and have a nice weekend :slight_smile:


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