Can't increase places


I just piloted a study with 10 participants to see if the integration would work. It did, and I now want to recruit the further 240 participants I need, but the “increase places” option is greyed out.

Can anyone help?

Dear @Bethany_Jones

Are you using a representative sample or have you flagged the ‘balance by sex’ option? For such types of study, indeed, the increase places option is not available. If you wish to recruit more participants for studies using these features, you should run a second study, and exclude your existing participants using a relevant prescreening option.

Let me know if that helps.

Hello! I started a study and then wanted to change aspects of the recruitment page. I read her and in other places online that I needed to completely end the study, duplicate it, and then restart is - so I did. However, I was charged the initial service fee and now a new service fee is showing (almost $600). Is there any way that this can be waved OR is there any possibility to re-open the original study? It’s literally the same survey and I followed the instructions, however the new service wasn’t noted. I am new to Prolific, so I understand this is a user error - but it was truly an error and the additional price for me is unmanageable.