Can't exclude participants from previous studies?

I am finding I cannot exclude any of my old (pre-workspace) studies from a new study I just created new workspace/project.

Apparently new workspaces do not have the history of our previous studies, meaning that new studies cannot be excluded from older studies. That is, you cannot move studies between workspaces when once they have been created/completed so you cannot select participation in previous studies as exclusion criteria.

Someone suggested a workaround here would be to download the list of participant IDs from the study you want to block, then add these IDs to the ‘Custom allowlist’ screener to your new draft study. But as you can imagine this quickly gets tedious if you have many studies to exclude.

When is this going to be addressed?

Hi There. I trust you are well. Research can be very complex but it all starts with understanding both your new and you old company’s non disclosure agreements. If the policy in your new workspace requires you to use previous participants, but your old employee wont allow it then you simply will have to look into starting a new study that will not infringe upon company policy.

Hope this helps :smile:

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I think they are referring to a technical problem in Prolific, where if you create a new “Workspace,” the record from previous is not included, so you cannot exclude participants by selecting the study in the filter menu.

I must have misunderstood.