Can you create a joint account for collaboration?

Hi, as a research team we have some research funding and want to set up a joint account for research collaboration. Is this possible? I am sorry if there is a whole thread on this somewhere but I just couldn’t find anything on how to collaborate or create an organisational account on Prolific. Thanks in advance.

Hi Gemma, welcome to the Community!

There is nothing like that already on, but we were recently discussing about collaboration on Prolific on a dedicated thread. You may want to have a look/jump in with your own suggestions!

In the meantime, I think that you should proceed with multiple user accounts for each of the team members.


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Hey @Gemma_Pike, just to add to what @Veronica has already said, we don’t have organizational account functionality, but it’s something we’re aiming to add soon.

For now, many researchers just share login details :slight_smile:

Great - thank you for the reply. Much appreciated.

Thanks, Josh. Ok, great - we’ll try this. Much appreciated.