Can I recruit participants from India

I wish to recruit participants from India for my experiment. An year ago that was not possible. may I know if there is a possibility to do so now? Are there participants from India?

Hello @DeepA and welcome to the Forum! :boom:

I just checked and there are 634 participants with Indian nationality and fewer than 25 that are resident in India. Unfortunately the numbers are small but at least it’s better than a year ago and hopefully the participation will grow more in the near future.

If you want to check yourself you can go to New Study (click on the first option of the top left menu) >> Audience (scroll down to the fourth section) >> Prescreen participants (radio button selection) >> Nationality (type in the box) >> select India

Sorry if I cannot be of more help!

Hey @DeepA, welcome to the community! Unfortunately, only participants from OECD countries and South Africa can use the platform.

You can find the full list of eligible countries here

Okay, I see, so it makes sense that I found participants with Indian nationality but not with Indian residence. Indeed, from the post you just shared I can read β€œIf you are from a non-OECD country, you can still participate if you live in an OECD country.”. The 600+ people I found must be Indians living in an OECD country then. (@DeepA)

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