Bug Custom Allowlist

Hello all!

There seems to be a bug in the custom allowlist prescreener.
Prolific seems to be stuck every time I put the IDs and the systems tells me that there are duplicate IDs although I already removed all duplicates beforehand. We have been in contact with prolific for several weeks and they said their engineers are working on it but they could not really help us. As we have time pressure, I wanted to ask around if anyone else also encountered this issue and maybe solved it (?)

Thanks in advance !

Dear Melissa

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I am sorry to hear that you hare having issues with a bug.

I guess that the allowlist is a result of having done some sort of prescreener and then wanting to invite the participants that matched your prescreening criterior.

So, in the meantime (until the bug is fixed) perhaps you could use
The screener

Participation on Prolific >

Include participants from previous studies >

Your prescreener study

And then screen out those that did NOT match your prescreening criteria with

Participation on Prolific >

Custom blocklist

Would that work? It might face the same bug. But I am guessing that the allowlist bug relates to a specific participant or two so it may be okay.