Best practices questions for Researchers

Hi team!

I posted this in the newbie section, yet might get more understanding from other researchers. I have my survey created in Qualtrics, yet curious about best practices for Prolific side:

  1. Add a question or URL parameters for Prolific ID?

  2. Do you recommend testing my survey with 10-20 people, and then the total I need to complete? And if so, is there a way to do this without having duplicates when I do the full test?

Thank you for any insight you might provide.



Definitely use URL parameters for Prolific ID - its almost completely eliminates errors.

I used to do dry runs (10 people then increase the N). Duplicates can’t occur.

But with the balanced m/f sample, you can’t edit N. So now I just use the preview feature to ensure the round trip to Qualtrics and back is working.

I use that to get an accurate estimate of completion time also.

good luck!


Thank you so much Tim! Great information! In your research, do you like balanced sample over standard sample?

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It’s important to have numbers of males and females matching the population, so yes: Balanced most times for us


Seconding Tim_Bates’s response. I generally create a new study and exclude those from pilot (which has the same effect) for budget tracking purposes, but either approach would work.

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