Behaviour and pathology

I’m interested in promoting a conference on behavioural science in health research, in my view unbalanced by the dominance of biomedicine research, ignoring behavioural and environmental contributions, for example the thousands who die from iatrogenic events in England and 40% of cancers associated with behaviour, for example smoking and obesity. Would you like to join me?

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Hey Tony, welcome to the forum! :tada:

I can send this out as an email blast to help you get the word out.

Just to confirm, you’re looking for people to help you promote a conference, or to organise one?

Both. I’m in contact with the Royal Society as a venue and sponsor. I also want speakers and an audience.

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Great - I’ll send out a notification to all members on Monday :slight_smile:

Hi Tony! I think it is a great idea!I am interested in this either being an organiser or speaker, you can contact me and please explain a bit more about the details.


Thank you. What’s your background and experience. I’m at UCLH at least twice a week. Perhaps we can meet up?

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