Average hourly amount has changed after my estimate

Hi Josh and everyone out there,

I suspect I am not the first to ask this question but having trawled the thread haven’t yet seen the answer that will settle me.

After the buzz of seeing participants rolling into my study, I noticed that the average hourly rate had changed from my estimated rate quite a bit. From what I have read here and understood from the various blogs, I will still pay them the estimated rate I published - is this correct?

This was the first stage of a 2-step study to create a custom allow list and so the study should at best have only taken 1 minute. A few participants have taken anywhere between 8-10 mins which has pushed the average response time way beyond the median.

Thank you - I really want to get on and approve submissions - I raised a ticket to check but that could take 72 hours and I’m keen to keep the group interested in my research by sending out the next round tomorrow latest.

Many thanks!

Hi Iashona
Welcome to the forum :smiley:

If your estimated rate results in a median rate that is below the minimum required by Prolific, currently £6.00 an hour I believe, you will be required to top up payments to subjects to meet that minimum. This will be carried out automatically I am almost certain, assuming there are funds in your account. This is topping up is based on the median not the mean time to completion so the fact that a few participants have taken longer will not afaik result in this measure.

I think you should just approve everyone, and assume that those that took 8-10 minutes forgot to press submit or took a coffee break before doing so!

Good luck with your study.


Thanks timtak - really helpful and I’ve just finished approving. Hopefully some happy participants :wink:

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