Automatically email a consent form to participants?

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Because of my university data privacy requirements, I need to send a copy of the informed consent to every participant that takes part of my studies. I’ve been using Google Forms for previous studies, because it has a feature that allows for automatically sending a copy of the completed form to the email address participants provide at the beginning of the form. I’ ve seen Prolific gives participants a Prolific email address, which, however “does not work as a regular email”. I was wondering how the address works, and specifically, whether, if I ask them to provide a Prolific email at the beginning of the Google Forms, they would receive it. I’ve seen the Prolific address would receive mails sent from an external email client, but I’d like to know whether this would also apply to an automatically generated mail coming from something like " ". Would that work?


I’m not sure if that would work, I don’t think so…what I do is send participants a link to a google doc version of the consent form (that they cannot edit). Then they can download if the want. I send it to them manually as a message in prolific but you could have the link in whatever survey tool you use

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hi @Irene_Canudas , welcome to the forum!
According to this help page, “In order for the email to get through to the participant, the email address from which you send an email using an external client must be registered to a Prolific account.” which suggests that email from the might not get through.

Something else to think about is that the Prolific email is different than a personal email - it’s only formatted in plain text and goes to the “messages” on Prolific. External email is considered a personal identifier that should not be collected