Automatic Maximum # of participants Active at once

Many of my surveys are pretty performance intensive, so it can be easy to strain the web server hosting my survey programs if I let too many subjects actively participate at once.

My current solution is to just set the # of participants in prolific to the maximum number of participants that I want on the server at once and then manually increase this number as subjects finish.

Is there anyway to automate this process? Something like “I want 100 total subjects, but only 10 active at any given time?”


Hello Ian and welcome to the Forum! :boom:

As far as I know, there is no automatic mechanism that updates the number of participants. To be honest, I also use your approach: “Action >> Increase places” every, say, 100 that have completed.

Just in case, I’ll leave here the reference page from the Researcher Help Centre (link).

Anyway, yours is potentially a good suggestion for improvements and the Prolific Team may want to take it into account for next updates of the platform! :slight_smile:


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