Auto-Approve Issue for Interview Study

I am currently running an interview study. Usually, an interview study takes a longer time to complete, unlike a survey study.
Now I got an email from prolific that “If you don’t approve or reject these responses before Saturday 26 November, they’ll be automatically approved for you.”
At this point, only one-third interview is complete. Is it normal to auto-pay before completing the interview study? I believe, the approval should be after the interview study. What if participants don’t join the interview study?
Looking forward to some suggestions on how to solve this. I submitted a request from Submit a request – Prolific two days back, but haven’t got response yet. Is there any other ways?


Hi - I also do interview studies on Prolific.

The way you should set them up, given both (a) this auto-approval policy and (b) the fact that there is indeed some labor involved typically in people signing up for the study, is to split the payment.

For us, we use Prolific to have them fill out the pre-form to determine eligibility, set up scheduling/give us their availability, etc. That, they do get paid for, a small amount to acknowledge that time. That satisfies the Prolific payment system.

Then, we schedule the interviews, and when a participant completes the interview, we pay them a Bonus Payment at that point that constitutes the interview compensation. Were we to have multiple interviews (which we don’t, but same process), we’d just issue additional Bonus Payments after each one.