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Hi Zach

I often include a comments box at the end, especially in the first trial round of about 10% of the participants, or ten participatns, to ask if there are any problems with the survey.

Since usually however only a small proportion of respondents write comments (though those that do often write useful ones) this rarely or never impacts upon the median time to take the survey so it should not put the cost up other by the amount you chose to give, or not to give, in bonuses to those that give useful feedback.

I think that the external Google Forms document separate to your timed survey, may be out of Prolific’s TOS so I politely decline to comment on that. [Actually I am not sure. If it is made plain that they are not be be reimbursed, then I think it is okay. But I don’t think it is necessary.]

I use Google forms for the whole thing, and just put a final long answer questions before submit.

If you try the study out on a small number of participants with or without a comments box, you can see how long the comments sections takes. Prolific studies can be copied with one click and copied studies are not open to those that took the original.


Hi there! Is it possible to extend the custom allow list when “I find” new suitable participants?
I am running a 2-sessions study and I would like to invite all the participants that did well enough (according to my criteria, it hasn’t to do with reward) in the second session. However, if I establish a custom allow list and publish the experiment, I will need to create a new experiment to add more people. What do you suggest to do?

Hi! I have a question regarding a longitudinal study with embedded data. I am able to preview my survey on Prolific and have it test that the IDs are linked using URL parameters correctly, but I am unable to make sure that the embedded data from specific questions from Study 1 transfers to Study 2. I followed the instructions provided by Prolific to link them, but is there a way to preview this and make sure that the data transfers as intended?



I am preparing to launch my first study on Prolific. It is unclear to me whether the full estimated quote should be uploaded to the account or if a card simply needs to be on file? University policies do not allow for the university card to be on file but I have concerns about processing refunds (to the university?) if I create an invoice that the university pays in full but end up with a balance (i.e., fewer participants than expected; rejecting more submissions than expected). Any guidelines on how to proceed after the quote? Thanks!

Dear Tekisha

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If I were you I would set up a participant account with another email address. But I am not sure if they are accepting new participants right now or not.

I am sorry I can’t be of more help.


Hi everyone,
I have been trying to pay for invoices I raised. So I created 7 invoices, based on different quotes. The invoices are not directly linked to those quotes. I have never encountered any problems by clicking ‘Pay’ button when trying to pay for invoices, but for some reason, Prolific will direct me to the ‘Draft Studies’ section every time I click the ‘Pay’ button. Do you know where I might be doing wrong? I have asked them this exact question but haven’t got any solid responses yet.
Thank you! Any information is highly appreciated.

Hello! There used to be a feature called “Add participants to allowlist” when you click “Action” on a scheduled or active study (see here: How can I invite specific participants to my study? – Prolific)

That option no longer appears for me. Was it removed? Is there some new way to add participants to an allowlist after the study has been scheduled or is active?


Dear Zachary

I am not seeing that menu option in my Action menu either in active studies nor when the study is completed either.

I guess that the option was removed. Thanks for pointing that out.

I have contacted support to suggest that the documentation be changed.

I guess you will need to copy the study and add to a new custom allow list in that.


Dear Jon,

I raised a ticked last week (292592; raised on 17/03/2023) about setting up a very large scale study (over 10,000 participants, measured 5 times, each time for up to an hour), that differs from what Prolific offers by default. In light if a funding deadline, is there any chance Prolific could get back to me on this?

Thank you!

Best wishes,

Dear Wijnand_
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I am afraid John and Josh and indeed all Prolific employees, in an official capacity at least (though some semi-lurk out of professionalism and the goodness of their hearts, thank you Jonas), have withdrawn from these forums which are now user based.

So I know of no way of encouraging support to respond more quickly other than by a deep search of perhaps Companies House.

How does you study differ from what Prolific offers by default? Longitudinal studies are fraught and have drop out can be made dependent to a degree at least, on taking all parts. Here is the longitudinal study FAQ

I hope that helps a little but I guess you already know.

Timothy Takemoto
Yamaguchi University
Not Prolific :slight_smile:

Hi Tim,

Thanks! Helpful to know that they have withdrawn. I’ll try other means…

All the best,

Dear Josh,

Thank you for this information. I have a longitudinal study using qualtrics, in which the participants complete the baseline questionnaire and then can sign up there with their prolific email address to receive a diary for the following 21 days. Does that work? And how do I calculate the payment? Do I add the time required for everything and enter that into the baseline study (i.e., 5 minutes per day + 10 minutes baseline study = 115 minutes in total?

Thank you for your help!


If I were to pre-screen so that only Republicans and Democrats were allowed to take my survey, how would I go about ensuring that there is a roughly equal number of both Republicans and Democrats participating? Is there a way of implementing a quota on Prolific? Should I implement a quota on my external questionnaire? Or should I create two studies, one that is Democrats only and one that is Republicans only? Thanks!

Dear Jacob

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In order to make sure that you can exactly the same number of participants who are republicans and democrats then I think you will need to set up two studies one for each class of participant but

The good news is you do not need to prescreen because there is already a Prolific screener as follows

U.S. Political Affiliation

Participants were asked the following question: In general, what is your political affiliation?
with the following answers

  • Democrat
  • Republican
  • Independent
  • Other
  • None

so you you can set up your two studies straight away simply by using this screener with Democrat or Republican selected and an equal number of participants in each.

Bear in mind you can copy studies with a click of a button, from the action menu top right, so making two studies should take very little time.


Timothy Takemoto
Yamaguchi University

Thank you so much!

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Hi, if some respondents have failed the attention question, do they get paid?, how do I get that research money back?
Ps: It is my first time running an styudy w/ Prolific

Here is an article on the topic: LINK.

And maybe relevant from that article: If your study is 5 minutes or longer, then participants must fail at least two checks to be rejected, any shorter studies can use a single failed check to reject

Is anybody running a longitudinal study and having trouble with participants seeing follow-up studies? I have a longitudinal study I’ve been running since the fall (long zoom study, so data collection is slow) and recently we’ve had issues where participants CAN see our prescreen study and usually the first session in our study but then are unable to find our two follow ups.

I think this is related: Reddit - Dive into anything

votar en contra de un estudio en la plataforma Prolific no debería ser una medida en contra de la política de la plataforma. Además, el autor menciona que solo el 20% de las personas que completan la preselección del estudio también completan el estudio principal, lo que sugiere que hay una tasa alta de deserción en el proceso de investigación. Por lo tanto, el autor sugiere que los usuarios prolíficos deberían excluirse de los estudios cuando leen los detalles del mismo en la descripción del preseleccionador.