🤔 Ask Anything Thread (Newbie Friendly)

Dear Can

No worries.
1.1) There is no charge for using Prolific prescreeners (and thus you can get free data by including all options in a survey, resulting in your being able to ask questions without paying participants for their time to respond because they have already responded!).

1,2) But if you do a custom prescreener, to screen for something that does not exist currently n the Prolific prescreeners, then it depends on how long the question is but custom prescreener studies typically pay at the minimum some think like 17 or 20 UKP. Also bear in mind that not all those that you successfully find by custom prescreening.

  1. I am afraid there is no way to change the currency via the GUI so to change it you must ask support.


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Entering my card details correctly. Yet getting the error message, “Top-up failed. Please check your card details and try again”. Please help.

Dear Tim,

Thanks a lot for the information you have provided!


Dear Srishti

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I am sorry but there is not thing that we on the forums can do in this case I think. From time to time recently others have posted of similar issues.

I have had problems paying online with other sellers simply because my credit card company’s AI algorithm thinks that the purchase is fishy.

Then there is the electric wallet platform that Prolific is using (Braintree) which I think had an issue with Amex cards for a while.

And it could be a problem with Prolific.

The only thing I can think of, other than contacting support, is to try another card, or use a bank transfer but bear in mind that the latter can take more than a week.

I am sorry I can be of much/any help,


Hi all,

I’m completely new to Prolific, and couldn’t find the answer to my questions via searching, so I’m hoping someone here can help me:

  1. Is it possible to select participants based on zipcode (in the US)?
  2. Are we allowed to retain their zip code info?

I’m trying to look at some specific communities based on data from other sources, demographics yes, but also environmental etc.

Thanks so much in advance!

Dear Emma

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I am afraid that there is no Zip code screener. The “Add Screener” dialogue/window is searchable and there are no hits for “zip” nor “code.” But under location there is

Current U.S state of residence

Participants were asked the following question: What US state do you currently live in?

I seem to remember a discussion here about zip codes…yes…

Paul advised against asking the whole code but only the 5 digits. I idon’t know how Zip codes work but Japanese and UK post codes go down to street level, which is getting pretty personal, so I agree with Paul. Yes, the same is written in the Prolific FAQ

There are studies asking zip codes however, and the participants are unhappy about it, and using the measure of entering a false zip/post code as mentioned here on the participant forum.

I hope that helps,


Yamaguchi University

Hi Tim,

Thank you so much for your detailed response! This is very helpful. I will have to speak to my advisor to determine whether we can use Prolific for recruitment then. It would be a real shame if we can’t!

Thanks again,

EDIT: Actually on the link you sent about personal info I see the following:
[red cross] 9 digit ZIP code or full UK postcode**
[green tick] However, you can ask for a 5 digit ZIP code or the first half of a UK postcode.

So it should work for my purposes… assuming people actually put their real zip codes.

Dear Emma

Yes, spot on. That is what Paul and I advised in my post above.

And here is a map from here showing the Zip 5 boundaries so I hope it should be fine-grained enough.

You could tell participants early on, with the a link to the Prolific faq and ask those unhappy with that level of detail to return their submission if they are not okay with giving information that we are allowed to ask.


Hi Tim,

This is absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much for your help on the matter!


Hi guys,

I’ve collected about 370 responses for my survey, but now when I log in to Prolific I can’t access the “Finance” function. It is not bright like the other optionson the left and when I hover over it it’s the “no” sign. I’ve tried submitting request to have this addressed but it doesn’t seem to be working. Whenever I log into to Prolific I get the message saying we are having some problems with prolific, if it continues, submit a request - but I don’t seem to be able to do this. Any suggestions about how to contact prolific by email or the like?

I can’t add funds until this is addressed.

Hi there,

I’m a total newbie here!

Sorry for all the deleted posts. I’m still working out how the forum works, and also I solved some issues already!

I’m still puzzling over a couple of things:

  1. I think I’m being charged the full service fee rather than 25%. This might be because I signed up with a gmail address. When I realised, I went back and changed to my university address (verified) but the service fee amount didn’t change. Any ideas how I rectify this? Or maybe I mis-read the 25% bit!

  2. When I joined a couple of days ago I did so on via Safari and used a gmail address. Today when I tried to change my email to a university email I was having trouble doing so on Safari (it kept diverting me to the Google sign in but clearing itself, as if I needed to try again). So I went to Chrome and it’s all working fine there. Safari is still not working for me though. Is this a known issue, of something others are familiar with? I need to be able to access Prolific on both browsers.

Thank you so much for your help!

Hi, how should I review my cooperation study where it needs two people to enter the same session? It always shows “waiting for another participant” when I enter the preview link. I just want to know if the completion link is working well.

Thank you so much!

Dear Feiyu Xu

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I think you would need to change your survey software set up or access your survey software from outside of prolific from another browser or device to fool your survey software into thinking that there are two participants.


Dear Tamara

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I am sorry to be late to reply. I did not, and do not, alas have much to contribute I am afraid.

I think that you’d need to ask support about the rater at which you are being charged. It would be a good addition to the GUI imho to have the rather academic or not displayed.

I am afraid I have never used Safari only Chrome and Firefox. I usually use Chrome to access the researcher side and these forums and Firefox as a participant. I am using a PC and “Safari for WIndows has not been updated for a decade now”

So I can’t help with that issue either. I will try putting in a feature request to make the rater explicit because folks have asked in the past.


Hi there,

Please help. I have a participant who has messaged me noting that their submission timed out but they would like the opportunity to re-submit. I’m very happy to do this but am not sure how I actually do this in the system. Please let me know.

Cheers, Tamara

Thanks so much Tim. Very appreciated!

Hi all,

I’m looking for information about the socioeconomic status prescreening question. Could somebody please confirm the exact wording & scale used, and how often participants are asked to update their response?



Hi there, I’m new here and soon, I’m supposed to start my first experiment.

For the purposes of my study, it would be very handy if I could give my participants personalized study links which they can click multiple times. I work with MindProbe as my server hosting service, and I’ve coded my experiment using jsPsych. I’m able to make personalized links with MindProbe, but as far as I understand, Prolific asks to provide a general link that works for every participant when setting up an experiment.

Is it at all possible to omit this issue, perhaps I am missing something?

Thanks in advance

Hi, I’m having issues with previewing my Gorilla survey on Prolific. Prolific is saying that my experiment is full and so not available but this cannot be the case as there are 0 participant responses recorded on Gorilla and the target recruitment on Gorilla is set to 710 (Prolific recruitment target is set at 600). Now sure what is going and obviously cannot publish/launch the study without this being resolved. Any ideas what is going wrong? Many thanks!

Hi Ayse

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:
I have seen this problem before with previewing Gorilla surveys. I THINK it is becuase if you take the survey once Gorilla saves a cookie to your browser so that you don’t ‘accidentally’ take it again. So you may be able to preview your survey using a different browser, computer, or by deleting the relevant cookie.