Approval of the researcher account

Hey everyone, hope you are all good. I am currently having an issue with my account as Prolific has not approved it yet even though I verified it 3-4 days ago. It said on the website that they would approve it within one working day; however, I cannot publish my study since they have not and I need participants as soon as possible. Does anyone know what to do?

Dear Makis

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I am sorry I don’t know what to suggest. My account was approved immediately.

The sign up splash page claims we can register in “minutes”

I tried signing up for another account using a spare work email address and I was approved instantly.
“You’ve been approved by Prolific. Verify your email address to add money or publish a study. “

I have not seen the email yet but that is because I am using gmail to write this.

I am afraid I can only recommend support.


thanks for the reply, timtak!

I had been waiting for approval for a week, so I now changed the email address to a non-gmail one. Hope the approval happens fast!

Did this work for you now? I have the same troubles and changing the email doesn‘t help either.

Dear Ursina

How far did you get? Are you waiting for the confirmation email or did it stall before that?

I used an acadamc email address.