Anyone else experiencing slow recruitment times?

Big Prolific fan here - can’t imagine our research without it! For the past week, our studies have been very slow to fill compared to our previous experience. I’m wondering if this is something unique to us right now, or have there been site-wide changes that might be influencing this. Thanks!

Dear Rachel

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I haven’t done a study for about three weeks so I can’t say but, as a participant I can say that there have been a lot of studies lately.

Could it be the new financial year? Perhaps your participants are spoilt for choice?


I’ve been having issues too. We’re getting just a hand full of people each day.

Dear Mark

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Recently we have had five or six researchers report that their studies are going slowly in the past week.

Further, I guess that if there are five or six researchers who have done to the trouble of posting reports on this forum then there are 3 or more times as many researchers who are experiencing the same problem in the past week. That makes about 20 studies in the past week that may have been experiencing problems.

I have not data but I am guessing that there are almost always many more studies open on Prolific.

So I guess that only some – a minority of-- studies are afflicted in the way that you say.

So, please would you tell us more about the demographic of your study?


Hi Tim,

We don’t have any specific requirements for participation in the study. It’s open to anyone in the United States. Study takes just under 10 minutes (median) and pays $2.00. We have gotten a little over 150 people, but it’s taken weeks rather than days. So, not a disaster, but concerning.