All data is the same and cannot be analyzed

Hi every one ,I have data for an experiment on the Gorilla website, and when I want to download it for statistical analysis, I find that all the data are similar and cannot be analyzed. What is the solution, please.

Hi @GHARAMAH_ALASMARI , welcome back to the forum!
Could you please provide a little more information about the error? Do you mean that all the participants have the same PROLIFIC_PID? Or is there some other issue?

I have sent the data. I want to see it. Is it feasible for statistical analysis because I see it as similar?

(Attachment is missing)

Hi @GHARAMAH_ALASMARI , it looks like the attachment is missing. But, I’m not sure if I would know what to look for if just looking at the data.
Is there any way you could describe the problem and/or send some screenshots? (It’s okay if you want to send the data too, but I won’t know what to look for unless you provide some information about what the data ought to be, and perhaps what sort of statistical analyses you intend to conduct)

If you’re asking for guidance on how to pre-process Gorilla data, I’d suggest contacting Gorilla support and / or looking at their support documentation.

Gorilla Support Docs: Gorilla

Understanding your data: Gorilla

Data pre-processing: Gorilla

Prolific provides the participants for your study. The rest usually happens in whatever tool you’re using to collect your data.

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