Adjust Reward - Odd notification


I got a exclamation on one of my studies by the payment per hour and when I click on it get more information I get the image below. Could anyone explain it? if it was different lengths in time I would understand the exclamation but its the same and the only option is my original payment. I can’t change my payment as its what I stated in my ethics but I would like to understand why I got this.

I am guessing it is because you don’t show decimal places - so I said 12.00mins but your saying the median is higher than 12mins but less than 13mins. But still not giving me a second option seems silly when there is a warning.

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Hey @Laura, I hope you’ve been well!

Unfortunately, that is a bug in our new payment adjustment system. You can safely ignore the warning. We’ve logged the issue, and we’ll fix it as soon as we can :slight_smile:

Hi @Laura,

I’m one of the devs here at prolific. I’ve just released a fix that means this shouldn’t happen again in the future. We will now only flag a study as paying below your original estimate if there is at least 60 seconds between the estimate and the average amount of time to complete.



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