Adding participants to allowlist in study details

Hi everyone,
The button to add participants to the allowlist of an ongoing experiment is found in the Action dropdown menu on the submission page of the study. However when on the “Study details” page of the study, this option is not present while this is exactly where I would expect to see. IMHO it should be always present in this action drop-down menu.
In addition, this menu in the “study detail page” has a “study detail” link which does nothing since we already are on the study detail page, it might be worth removing it.
Thanks for the otherwise terrific UX

I’m glad you’ve found our UX terrific! But, you’re right, this can be improved!

Thanks for drawing our attention to this. I’ll pass it along to the Researcher Experience team :slight_smile:

+1 to @Freya proposals.
I actually never spotted that redundancy, but I bet it will easily be removed! :slight_smile: