Adding more currency options


I’m sure this is more of a legal/taxation issue, but it would be great to be able to (a) upload funds in exact amounts in Euros directly (rather than requesting a personalised invoice, then doing a bank transfer), and to (b) be able to pay participants in Euros as well. T

his would make the invoicing back at my institute a LOT easier, as curenntly transferring an exact amount in Euro is dependent on the currency exchange rate on the day I transfer funds. As my institute has a pre-determined amount we pay participants as a rule, it gets hairy when I have to justify why I paid more/less than our official pay scale every time.


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USA based researcher here and I agree—being able to pay people in dollars would be nice. If nothing else, at least not fixing the exchange rate to when a study is published would help a lot (on the researcher’s side, at least. The participant still has to keep an eye on the exchange rate).

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