Add New Zealand Māori to ethnicity options

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I hope this is a suitable place for this suggestion. I’d like to advocate for including “New Zealand Māori” in the list of options for the “Please indicate your ethnicity” question.

While Māori participants probably only form a small proportion of the Prolific participant pool, being able to recruit Māori participants would be especially useful to researchers in New Zealand.

Māori have a special status in New Zealand as the original inhabitants of this land. Researchers in NZ are obligated to consider the Treaty of Waitangi (a treaty between Māori and the Crown). One concrete way in which this change would help is that it would facilitate quota sampling in NZ such that we can ensure the proportion of Māori in a given study is representative of the New Zealand population. In contrast, convenience sampling tends to result in Māori being underrepresented. It could likewise facilitate studies that are solely focused on Māori participants (e.g., as occurs in Kaupapa Māori research).

Let me know if you have any followup questions, or whether there’s anything I can do to help make this happen :smiley:



This would be helpful for my NZ research too.

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This has my vote too - this would be extremely useful and would go some way toward tackling psychology’s WEIRD problem.

As a researcher from Australia that is interested in samples from Australia and New Zealand this would be really helpful.

I agree, this would especially help with Kaupapa Māori research.

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In general, country-specific ethnicity questions (including Māori in NZ) are a good idea