Accounting/Auditing participants

I am looking to do a survey in the near future but need it to be specific to auditors of publicly traded companies in the U.S.
I am new to Prolific & wonder if that group of participants would be available to me? Thoughts?

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Dear @Rusty_Roberts, welcome to the Forum!

There is no such specific pre-screener available by default in Prolific. However, there are a couple of pre-screeners that you can combine to get closer to the set that you ideally need.

  1. The Employment Sector within Business Management and Administration screener has both Accountant and Financial Advisor as options. You might also want to consider Consultants since Auditing might be done in a consulting firm, I guess.

  2. By the location screener, you can select the USA as country of residence. While this does not grant that the company they are working for is also in the US, might help to narrow down the people involved in your study, before step 3.

  3. While you might have gotten participants close enough to the specific criteria you are looking for by selecting the previous two screeners, you might still need to implement some customized form of recruitment within your study. The approach is very simple. You can set up a study 1 with, for instance, the pre-screeners that I suggested. In this first study, participants just answer your intended ‘screening’ questions (e.g., are you an auditor of publicly-traded companies in the US?) and provide their Prolific ID. After the first survey, you have a list of participants who meet your criteria and can be invited to your second study, i.e. the “real” one. Please have a look at this page for more details: How do I recruit a custom sample? – Prolific .

Also, here are some tips collected by other users of the Forum in a previous thread: Tips for recruiting a custom sample .

If there are other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Thank you so much for the information!