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I have used prolific several times in the past successfully. This time my university required me to submit money through an international wire transfer from US because of the amount. This added two months of time on my university side. The money was finally successfully transferred 2 weeks ago, but it’s not showing up in my prolific account. I have tried to reach prolific through email and portals, but can’t reach a human or get any response. Has anyone had success contacting any support person or gave other suggestions to get help? Thanks!!!

Dear Stephanie

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I am sorry to hear but that I think that there is a human component to accepting funds by bank transfer (at least because we have had similar reports to these forums during or immediately after holiday periods) and sometimes the people at Prolific support who deal with bank transfers appear to get busy. I think that two weeks is probably about as long as it takes however, so I think that your funds will go through soon unless there has been an issue.

Credit cards tends to be instantaneous (but they are occasionally blocked usually at the credit card company end I think).

Other than contacting support, which you have already done, there is not a lot I can suggest. This is, ostensibly at least, a user only forum. Since you are in a hurry you might try a DM to Prolific’s twitter/X account. and I note that there are support staff on the participants reddit forum, but I guess that they will only be able to pass your support request to the busy member of research-support who is in charge of bank transfers.

I am sorry I can’t help more.


Timothy Takemoto
Yamaguchi University and Prolifc Fan

Thank you for your suggestions. I will maintain some hope and try the DM idea. The lack of any human contact person does increasingly seem like a problem with their business model. But I appreciate your help.

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