About the Vote for New Participant Demographics category

How should we expand our participant pool?

Note: We’re not aiming to suggest new screeners for our existing participant pool (if you’d like to suggest a new screener, you can do so here). This is for you to suggest the new types of participants you’d like to see or expansions of demographics we already have.

Hey Prolificos,

We’d love to learn which participant demographics you’d like to see added to the platform, or if there are groups of participants you wish there were more of.

So, this channel is dedicated to you proposing and voting for new demographics / expansions of existing ones. Below are some examples:

Expanding Existing Demographics:

  • More right-wing people
  • More vegans

New Demographics:

  • People from Non-OECD countries
  • Small business owners

Simply create a new topic with your suggestions, and others will be able to vote on the ones they’d like to see! This will help us with our long-term future participant recruitment planning.

To manage expectations, we can’t promise that these demographics will be added to the platform. This is just to help us figure out where demand is highest.

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Hi @Josh , I believe that Prolific could take it to the next level by figuring out how to get representative samples from countries that are not often represented in psychological studies. For example, would it be possible to recruit from countries in Africa? How do we know whether those data would be reliable and representative, especially considering the difficulty of internet access?

This might take a lot of targeted work in places that don’t usually receive a lot of attention. But it would be worth it in the interest of opening psychological science to a greater portion of the world’s population.


Hi Josh

I would love there to be more folks from Japan.

I guess that the biggest problem is site language. I could help with the participant GUI translation.

Lancers,Inc. is gradually getting custom in this market (judging by published research) but they yet to have an external study specific interface. I hope you beat them to it.


Hi Josh,

I would like to see also some non-OECD countries represented, particularly India.


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These are all great suggestions @Veronica @paul @timtak! Could you add them as seperate topics in this channel so people can vote on them? Then, we can guage wider demand :slight_smile:

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