A quick question about "fewer than 25 matching participants"

Hi, I have just published some studies targeting different English speaking countries, which, according to Prolific indication, have all "found fewer than 25 matching participants who have been active in the past 90 days.” I wonder what this really means. Is it possible that only a couple of or even no matching particpants are actually available? And how long does it usually take before I have to admit that no response could be collected due to insufficient matching participants?

Dear Hu

Prolific declines to say the exact number of participants when less than 25 for reasons of privacy apparently. I am not quite sure how that works but if you knew that there were only 8 (say) participants from Singapore then you could build up a profile of those participants across surveys but if an indeterminant number less than 25 then you would not know if the 8 that joined one study are the same eight that joins the next.

I started a study for Japanese in Japan 4 days ago. I was told that there are less than 25 respondents and there have only been 7 participants.

But I think it means what it says that there are between 1 and 24 respondents, but not zero, otherwise it would say that and not allow the study to proceed at all, as far as I know.

You do not have to admit that no response can be collected. You are free to close the study at any time you like – when you get tired of waiting.

I think I will leave my Japan study open for a week.


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Dear Timtak,

Your reply is very clear and helpful! Thank you so much!

Given the situation, I am thinking about changing my prescreening strategy a little bit.

I wish that your Japanese study would go on smoothly.

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