A printable version of the study settings page

Dear @Jon and folks at Prolific

I hope you enjoyed your Easter break.

Would it be possible for you to give us a button for a printable or PDF version of the studies settings page? Apparently some of the settings get chopped off if one attempts to print the hmtl page and the information there in is important. I can see some wanting to keep a hard (paper) record.
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Thanks @timtak (and @David_Martinez for raising this in the AMA thread) - happy to raise this one with the team.

In the immediate term you might have some luck capturing the whole of your study settings using a screen capture browser extension and downloading as either a PDF or PNG file. A quick test run with the GoFullPage browser extension worked well, and you can also grab specific areas both by extension and tools in your OS (such as snipping tool) as well.

Keen to hear from others on this one - would this be a useful feature? Would you want to export your study settings for other purposes or uses? Feel free to reply and share your thoughts, and vote for this idea if you’d find it a good addition to your toolbox (votes really help me to prioritise!)

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Thanks! I might check that out. For me, I see an increase in online studies using Prolific (and others) but little information about the settings used in these studies besides the bare bones demographic info (age, sex). A quick, “print my study details” button might increase sharing of these details. I suppose some details might need to be removed, like if the allowlist shows prolific IDs…

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