A new digital currency (idea)

It would be great for me if there were a sort of digital currency shared between Prolific and Gorilla such that topping up on one platform would allow the purchase of tokens (the digital currency) on the other.

This may only apply to folks like me, but I think it may make things easier, and more flexible for other researchers, e.g. to be able to add the Gorilla token payment to the Proflic study and pay from their Prolific account.

With two accounts there is a greater danger of funds being left over and that is a no no where grants and funding is concerned.

Progor/ Gorpro/ Gorilific Coin? Please do.

PS If you did, I would also be able to provide Gorilla support.
PPS Gorilla has audio and video recording which would enable me to implement this

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Tim, this is a great idea.

We are in contact with Gorilla and we are advancing our integrations to smooth out the pain points.
Surely not needing to top up money on both platforms would make everyone life easier.

Hi Tim!

The Gorilla and Prolific Dev teams are currently working on our integration to iron out some common pain points. We’ve been taking about some of these improvements since about 2016 (!), so you can see it often take time to get ideas - even great ones - off the ground.

Most Gorilla researchers have annual subscriptions and in our experience universities are usually pretty keen to have clear contracts with each supplier for data security reasons. So I think there may be legal complexities to your idea.

In the meantime, there’s always the option of pay as you go Gorilla tokens which can be bought by the 20. They’re perfect for when you’re not quite sure how many participants you’ll end up needing!

Thank you @Gorilla_Clare and @Gorilla_Clare

I think it would great if I could put on my budget application, surveying costs for X people to do Y survey, and pay one company.

The fact that that I am paying
A UKP to participants
B UKP to Prolific for mediating
C UKP to Gorilla for the survey software system
Would not I think be required to be stated. I currently do not need to specify the A and B breakdown, so the admixture of C would not I think be an issue. I am currently using Google forms. I feel sure that the security would be better a Gorilla. So legally too, It would be good as far as I know.

I felt sure you would be onto this but I also thought that external demand, or votes might oil the process a little.

If there are other users who would like this, perhaps they might like to chip in.


@Gorilla_Clare is right, it would be quite complicated to implement.

But, keep your ideas coming! We love out of the box thinking :slight_smile: