2 surveys for one research

Hello, one question regarding surveys on research. It is possible to analyze 2 surveys in one research, ? it is about a same topic related with 2 different concepts. Should the population be the same? both surveys shoul be considered a dual approach or one survey with 2 different points of view? thanks !!

Hello Mirta, welcome to the Forum!

It really depends on what your research aim is. If the 2 surveys youโ€™re mentioning are two different conditions of a between-subjects design, you would need to launch them as separate studies recruiting two different samples for each of them. If instead you plan a within-subject design, good practice could be having half of the participants seeing study 1 before study 2, and the other half seeing them in a reversed order. Also, another thing would be having the two studies in two separate moments, thus employing a longitudinal study design.

As you can see, there are many designs you can think of. But it really depends on what is your research goal. If you want to share more details, I might try to be more of a help.

Cheers! :slight_smile: